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Sam's Law

Making Texas Schools Safer.
People are learning about epilepsy.

Thank you for your interest in HB 684 (Sam’s Law). Unfortunately, at this time, we are not able to provide Texas Education Agency (TEA) APPROVED epilepsy/seizure education training.  We are in contact with TEA, and as soon as approval is received, we will announce the availability of approved HB 684 (Sam’s Law) training at samslaw.org and efcst.org. Please note, HB 684 requires that TEA shall approve online training courses by Dec 1, 2019. If you have any questions or require additional information, please call us at 210-653-5353 or monitor samslaw.org or efcst.org for relevant information and updates.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 

What is Sam's Law?

Sam's Law (HB 684), introduced by Rep. Travis Clardy, requires all Texas public school personnel whose duties include regular contact with students to be trained in seizure recognition and seizure first aid. People who interact with children with epilepsy on a daily basis need to be trained to care for them if they have a seizure. Sam's Law ensures that Texas public schools are well-equipped with the tools necessary to provide a safe and enriching environment.

Training is provided free of charge to Texas public schools by the Epilepsy Foundation's two Texas affiliates. 

The two Epilepsy Foundation affiliates located in Texas can provide further training upon request. Make sure that you are contacting the affiliate that services your area.

The Epilepsy Foundation recommends that schools have a seizure action plan in place for each child diagnosed with epilepsy. This simple plan, written by the child's neurologist and parents, will let the school know what to do if the child suffers a seizure during school. These instructions are specific to this individual child and provide the best information on how to respond to that child during a seizure.

All materials needed to implement this training, as well as additional information on seizures, will be provided to the schools free of charge, courtesy of the Epilepsy Foundation Texas affiliates. Instead of online training, the school can also opt for in-person training.


Click the picture to download the Seizure Action Plan. Click here to download the Seizure Action Plan in Español. 


See all the latest media coverage of Sam's Law (HB 684).


To schedule an in-person training for school personnel and school nurses, or to learn more about programs that are available for people with epilepsy, visit the site for the Texas affiliate that services your area. Learn which affiliate services your area here.

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