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New legislation 'Sam's Law' signed to better protect Texas students at risk of seizure

New legislation was recently signed to better protect Texas students at risk of a seizure.

Sam’s Law will benefit students across the state; give parents peace of mind

A new law signed by Governor Abbott will benefit students across Texas who deal with epilepsy or seizures of other sorts.

Gov. Abbot signs Sam's Law

“Sam’s Law” is also now law in Texas and Governor Abbott signed the bill Tuesday.

Texas governor signs bill requiring seizure recognition training for school staffers

TEXAS, USA — Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill Tuesday that will help schools deal with kids who have medical emergencies.

Sabine ISD implementing seizure response training

Sabine ISD hopes to become the first school district to completely implement new seizure response training throughout its schools.

WEBXTRA: Sam's Law

Alex Leroux KLTV spoke with Sabine ISD Superintendent Stacey Bryce today to find out the importance of Sam's Law, which offers training for those interacting with students who may have epileptic seizures at school. More about what the law would do tonight on KLTV 7 News at 10.

Sam’s Law gets unanimous favorable vote in public education committee

House bill 684, better known as ‘Sam’s Law’, is a bill proposing free seizure response training for employees of Texas schools.

Kilgore ISD librarian honors Samantha Watkins on Epilepsy Awareness Day

The day was created to bring awareness to epilepsy, a concept that Angela Turner is no stranger to.

Hughes files Senate companion to Sam's Law; Clardy says date for House panel testimony

East Texas state Sen. Bryan Hughes has filed a companion bill to state Rep. Travis Clardy’s measure in the Texas House of Representatives to equip public school personnel to recognize the signs of epileptic seizure and provide aid to the estimated 49,000 public schoolchildren diagnosed with epilepsy.

Clardy's Sam's Law put into action by Capitol staff member to help woman having seizure

People go to Austin to advocate for bills all the time, but few, if any, see the proof of their argument play out in real life like East Texan Shari Dudo did last week while lobbying for Sam’s Law.

Editorial: Sam's Law a commonsense measure that could save lives

Hers was a life ended too soon, but it’s one that is nonetheless promising to have a lasting impact in Texas — and possibly the nation.

Sam’s Law in action

Sam’s Law may be a familiar title to some in East Texas, but the bill proposing seizure response training for public school employees in Texas is now known throughout the state’s capital.

New Bill Would Help Students Who Have Seizures

Sam's law is geared to those Texas students who suffer from seizures, and there are many. ​

Sam’s Law: New Texas legislation would mandate public school employees to be trained in seizure first aid

A new bill introduced in the Texas legislature could have a big impact in the way Texas public schools respond to seizures.

‘Sam’s Law’ Would Make Seizure Education Mandatory

If you know someone who lives with epilepsy, you know how terrifying a seizure can be.

House Bill 684 is a rare one we can all get behind

It always has been rare to find anything political that everybody should be able to get behind. It might be near impossible these days.

Sam’s Law one step closer to passage

A proposed law inspired by the death of a Kilgore student and intended to protect Texas students with epilepsy is one step closer to passage.

Sam's Law gaining traction in Austin

In December of 2016 the death of a Kilgore High School student shook East Texas. ​

Clardy files 'Sam's Law' to equip educators to help students with epilepsy, seizures; named for late Kilgore student Samantha Watkins

The state representative for Rusk County is looking for a Senate sponsor on a bill to equip teachers and school nurses to recognize and give first aid to students experiencing epileptic seizure.

'Sam's Law' officially filed

The Legislative session started on Tuesday and Rep. Travis Clardy wasted no time filing a bill that could potentially help more than 47,000 Texas children.

Rep. Travis Clardy files Sam’s Law

State Representative Travis Clardy filed House Bill 684 (HB 684), Sam's Law. Named after Samantha Watkins, a Kilgore ISD student who passed away after experiencing a seizure in December 2016, Sam's Law will ensure school district employees receive training and education about seizure recognition and first aid.

Sam's Law to be taken up by upcoming state legislature

An East Texas legislator plans to file a bill in Austin that will provide training for educators on how to respond if a person has a seizure while in school.

Bill honoring Kilgore student would provide epileptic response training in schools

An East Texas legislator plans to file a bill in Austin that will provide training for educators on how to respond if a person has a seizure while in school...

Area teacher leads statewide campaign for school seizure response training

A tragedy in Kilgore is the inspiration for a statewide effort to protect Texas students and possibly save lives.

Shari Dudo chats about the mission of the Purple Warriors of Texas

Shari Dudo chats about the mission of the Purple Warriors of Texas.